Have you recently heard about the Herpes Blitz Protocol? Are you considering buying this program to help you eliminate herpes virus from your life? Do you think this program might help you change your life and regain the self-confidence you have lost due to herpes? Everything sounds great on paper, but what matters is how well it works? Are you also skeptical about the effectiveness of Herpes Blitz Protocol? Continue reading as I take you into my world and explain to you how useful or useless this program was for me during some of my lowest years of life.

Herpes Made Me Lifeless

My name is Tiffany and I am writing this Herpes Blitz Protocol review because I know there are many other people in this world who are going through a miserable life journey due to herpes. I can’t tell you how impatient I have been to write this review but I wanted to be sure I completed the program, verified the results and gave you my opinion only after honestly testing the efficacy of the Herpes Blitz Protocol.

So, I was having the time of my life, roaming about in this world like a free cloud, getting compliments from my teachers for my energy and performance in the class and what not. I was carefree and happy like a bird, but as they say, too much happiness is often a sign of too much sorrow. 😔

It was my first relationship, and how unlucky of me to attract herpes right from my first partner. I couldn’t be angrier at him for doing this to me but the feelings of doom and devastation overcame my anger. I started searching on Google to know more about my condition, and THAT was a huge mistake. The more I read the more I ended up with depression. It seemed as though it was the end of my life.

What devastated me even more were the stories from people who had herpes and claimed how they had to live alone. To add salt to the injury, people around you don’t hold back from poking fun at you, giving you funny names and calling you all sorts of things without ever realizing the scars they are leaving on your mind and soul.

But I Had That ONE Friend 😌

I was lucky to have my friend with me, that ONE friend who never left my side. She was always there, calming me down, telling me I still had a purpose in life and assuring me there must be a cure. I was always like, “If medical science says there is no cure, how can you say there is a cure?” Little did I know she would find a cure to my illness.

I was lying in my bed one night looking at the ceiling having glimpses of my past life, constantly panicking in between and thinking of ending my life when I received a call from her. I pick up the call and without saying hi and hello, she asks me this,

“Do you believe in miracles?”

She caught me off guard with that question. I couldn’t utter a word and before I could respond to her she went like, “I don’t care whether you do or not, come and meet me in the evening tomorrow.”

I don’t know why but it did not occur to me that she will talk to me about my condition.

And Then She Told Me about The Herpes Blitz Protocol

She told me she had discovered about a program called the Herpes Blitz Protocol and how it could help me get back to my old life in the most natural way. I couldn’t believe her because I had lived with the disbelief long enough to think of any ray of hope a mirage.

She told me about how eating certain foods could help my body fight herpes virus by helping my immune system fight the elusive attackers. But it did not make much sense to me – how could it? I was told during 15 months of my life that herpes had no cure. How could I immediately trust someone with an opposite claim that did not even corroborate with modern medical science?

The Whole Herpes Blitz Protocol Started Making Sense👌

Things started making sense to me when she explained to me what immune system was, how it worked and how herpes virus penetrated and worked its way to destroy the body.

She also told me why modern healthcare sector kept me uninformed about the condition. Is it a co-incidence that 30% to more than 90% people in America have this condition but not that many people are living the life I was living are they?

Looking at these figures, I also realized that this was quite a huge market for companies that sell drugs to fight the virus while all the time calling the condition incurable.

She told me that the main reason my body could not fight herpes was because the immune system could never recognize the presence of this virus in the body to attack and get rid of it.

The Herpes Blitz Protocol is a 2-phase program wherein the first phase is designed to help my immune system identify the presence of HSV in the body and the second phase is meant to destroy it.

The first phase lasts for only a week whereas the second phase is only 21 days long. What do I have to do during the two phases? It is simple: I have to take a supplement, a smoothie made from natural immune-boosting ingredients and a delicious snack that maximizes the effects of the treatment.

When I got to know this much about the program, I started to feel a wave of energy flowing through my body. “Do I believe in miracles” I thought, but at that point, the answer was still a no because I still had not tried the whole thing and seen any results.

What Included with the Herpes Blitz Protocol

The price I had to pay for the whole package was only $37. Was it too much for something that was going to give me an opportunity to live life again? Not at all! In fact, the creators of this amazing program were generous enough to include a lot of free stuff in my order. Here is what comes with the package.

  • The Herpes Blitz Protocol
  • The Immune Protection Protocol
  • The Sex Drive Stimulator
  • 15 Colorful Drinks That Flush Toxins from Your Body (Bonus ebook)
  • 21 Unexpected Hearing Boosting Veggies (Bonus ebook)
  • 16 Disease Crushing Desserts (Bonus ebook)
  • 10 Diabetes Destroying Dinners (Bonus ebook)
  • The 7 Biggest Diabetes Lies (Bonus ebook)

Isn’t that a lot of stuff for just $37? And believe me none of these items was useless. I used most of it for myself whereas the diabetes ebooks were a huge help for my mom who would associate everything with diabetes was badly paranoid with the condition before she read the two books.

What Convinced Me to Buy the Herpes Blitz Protocol?

So, even though my friend was the biggest push for me to purchase the Herpes Blitz Protocol, I wouldn’t have bought it without doing proper research. I researched the product well and made up my mind after thorough examination of everything that it offered. Here are the top reasons that convinced me to buy the product.

It Gives You Hope

When you have herpes, there is nothing more solacing and comforting than hope. The fact that medical science considers it incurable is what I think makes a lot of people have suicidal thoughts after having herpes. Right from the start, the program put it in my mind that herpes was curable. That’s my top reason for buying it.

It Is Simple

The last thing you want to do is complicate your life even more in the times of distress. The program is simple with two phases that end within a month. There was nothing out of the ordinary and all I had to do was eat some healthy foods.

It Guided Me like an Angel

There is nothing open-ended about this program. It tells you everything that you have to do. From what supplements you have to take to how you will make the immune-boosting smoothies, everything’s included in Herpes Blitz Protocol. There is no guesswork, no conjectures, and no ambiguities.

It Makes Sense

One of the things that anyone should love about the Herpes Blitz Protocol is that it explains everything that you should know. It tells you what herpes is, how immune system works, why your immune system cannot fight herpes, and what’s in their recommended smoothies that help your immune system fight this condition off.

It’s All Natural

Taking too many harsh medicines can often affect your liver performance and have adverse side effects. The beauty of the Herpes Blitz Protocol is that the whole program consists of you consuming natural foods like sweet potato, orange, avocado, pistachio, mango, etc. In fact, the smoothies are incredibly delicious.🤤

It Is a Long-term Solution

Do you sometimes take a painkiller for your headache? Does it cure the headache? No, it does not. After a few days, you will have a headache again, and you will take another painkiller. That’s because you are not treating the cause but the symptom, which is headache. The Herpes Blitz Protocol comes with The Immune Protection Protocol – a long-term solution to strengthen your immune system to not only beat herpes but any other diseases attacking your body in future.

And I Started to Live Again – My Results

Things took a u-turn in my case and I could not have felt more blessed. I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Here is how things went for me.

Week One

I started skeptically because I wasn’t sure if things were going to work out in any way. The one thing that had me worried was lysine supplement because I wasn’t sure where to get it. I realized it was conveniently available at stores nearby so that was out of the way now. As for smoothies, I have always liked milk shakes so I wasn’t quite sure how smoothies were going to taste. They tasted great! Cherry cocoa, dark chocolate, apricot mango chutney, etc. that are included in the program as snacks made my life. They made the whole thing fun and energized me instantly. By the end of the first week, I was sure the next phase wasn’t going to be a big deal for me.

Week Two

Week two commences the destroy phase and for all the pain and suffering herpes had inflicted on me, I was ready to destroy, erase and obliterate it from my body and life. I don’t know if it was the diet or the sensation of being filled with hope but I started to notice my health getting better. Most importantly, the negative thoughts had gone away and I was ready to beat herpes to pulp.

Week Three

Smoothies continue for the length of the program, but the new supplement i.e. green tea, had become my favorite at this point. My friend started giving me compliments about my improving health and the glow on my face. I was finally pushing away the darkness that had kept me surrounded for so long. And I wish that strawberry mango smoothie appeared on the list over and over.

Week Four

This was the week when I walked out of the dark room and into the sunlight to live a new life all over again. I went for the blood test after completing four weeks of the amazing Herpes Blitz protocol. I have the day of my reports marked on my calendar when I found out I was clean again. Can you imagine the happiness of being clean after a dark period of going into mental depression due the fact that your condition cannot be treated?


In the beginning of my Herpes Blitz Protocol review, I told you I was having the best time of my life before having herpes. Let me tell you that this life, this post-herpes life is hundred times more pleasant, satisfying and serene than my pre-herpes life. After all of this, my friend became the best and the closest person in my life and I can do anything for her because she introduced the Herpes Blitz Protocol to me. If it wasn’t for her, I would be living in a dark room thinking of ways to end my life.

If you or someone you know has herpes, please tell them about Herpes Blitz Protocol. Tell them it is an easy, natural and short program which involves drinking delicious smoothies, having mouth-watering snacks, and living your life like any other normal person. A new life for $37, do you think that’s a bad bargain? And before I end my review, I have a confession to make. Yes, I believe in miracles now.

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  1. Just bought this program hope to see good results like yours, thank you for sharing your experiment with us! God bless

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